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Concerning Personal Aesthetics

Somepeople feel the need to blend in with the crowds, while others need to stick out. For the sake of clarity, this article is concerned with the ones whose true nature is to stand out and express a part of their personalities (in this case) via personal aesthetics in some drastic and unorthodox way.

This may involve a variety of modifications, such as body art, say, ink, piercings, sub-dermal implants, scarification, etc. or simply a somewhat high-maintenance hairstyle.

Butit may also involve the use of colored contact lenses. Which is precisely the topics of this article.

What do contact lenses do and how do they work?

Contactlenses are lenses which are designed to fit over the cornea of the eye. They are used for one out of three reasons: corrective, therapeutic or cosmetic.

Over the past one hundred years during which contact lenses have been in use, the technology regarding the subject has iterated many times and the resulting evolution of the lenses has brought about new ways of as well as reasons for using them. In particular, this means that the contact lens is nowadays not only a lot smoother, softer and lighter than it used to be, but also serves a broader range of functions – that is to say purposes. For example, nowadays, there is a number of contacts which are designed to improve the vision as well as manage a number of therapeutic treatments alongside that aid.

But ever since the dawn of the colored contact lens, not only people in need of some air or treatment can make use of contacts. That is to say that these may bring about purely aesthetic details, and can be divided into the following categories: those which enhance the natural eye color, those who brighten it and those who completely change it.

Contacts which enhance the eye color are designed primarily for people with light colored eyes. Namely, their goal is to enhance what is already there by means of amplifying the color in a fashion. This is done by allowing additional illumination and adding intensity to the existing color. These contacts typically come in blue, gray or green.

The second type are the pearlescent color contact lenses. These will brighten the eye color by adding luminescence, which may in turn make them appear more vibrant and intense. There is a variety of shades to pick from as well as additional "effects" such as shimmer or sparkle.

And lastly, colored contacts may be used to make a bold and somewhat more dramatic personal aesthetic statement. These may be used to completely change the eye color or even project an unnatural eye color (such as purple) or even an image on their surface. These are even suitable for people with naturally dark eyes, wanting to try out a brighter tone.

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