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Contact lens problems

Nowadays, there are millions of people all over the world who wear contact lenses. According to the data, 1.65 million people wear them in the United Kingdom alone. Even thought contact lenses are meant to help people who have bad vision, there are also some problems that may occur with people who wear them. These problems are known to almost all people who wear the lenses. When a person wears the lenses, they make certain changes to the cornea. These changes are in structure, turnover, tear production and oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. If there is some conditions that a person is already suffering from, these changes of the cornea can only make them worse. Apart from that, other problems may occur as well. There are certain factors that determine the type of problems that a person may experience if he or she wears the lenses. Some of these factors are the type of lens, the frequency of changing the lenses, the cleaning system used and certain factors related to the wearer. The problems which may occur can be minor but they can also lead to loss of vision.


According to the data, 6% of all people who wear the lenses experience some problems. However, people should know that most of these problems are usually minor. There are also some predisposing factors that people should be aware of like dry eye, blepharitis, atopic orllergic conjunctivitis, poor lens care, prolonged lens wear, smoking, immunosuppression, trauma, surgery, increasing age and systemic disease. People who have a history of pain and irritation or watering of the eye have a lot more chance of suffering from some problems when they wear the lenses. If a person thinks that his or her eye does not look good or feel good or the vision is not good, he or she should remove the lens and consider the problem. There is a chance that the problem is in the lens. The lens may poorly fit and if that is the case it will cause damage. Poor lens care can also be the cause of the problem. The lens can also get damaged or it can dry out. Apart from the problems with the lens, there are problems of the eye that can be the cause of inconvenience like various conjunctival problems, corneal problems and viral infections. People need not worry too much since most problems are not that serious and will resolve on their own but it is always best to go to the eye doctor.


There are ways a person can prevent any problems from occurring. Proper hygiene of the lens is essential. Getting to know the possible problems help as well.

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