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In general, contact lenses are used to correct refractory anomalies of the eye and provide better vision. They may be even worn for cosmetic purposes if one wishes to change color of his/ her eyes. Today there is a variety of contact lenses and people prefer wearing them to eyeglasses. In majority of cases people choose to wear contact lenses because of their appearance and practicality. Contact lenses are less affected by wet weather, they cannot steam up and the most important thing is that they offer a wider field of vision. Furthermore, contact lenses are the only treatment modality for certain medical conditions such as keratoconus and aniseikonia.

As for aspheric contact lenses they are an excellent choice for people suffering from borderline astigmatism. They are classified as therapeutic contact lenses and are always prescribed.

Aspheric Contact Lenses

Aspheric contact lenses are together with spheric contact lenses prescribed to people suffering from astigmatism, to be more precise borderline astigmatism. Aspheric contact lenses belong to a special group of contact lenses which features with soft angles and profiles. Their characteristic is gradual progression of minus vision correction and this effect is achieved from the center of the lens and extends towards the mid-periphery region. These lenses represent a slim and flat version of regular contact lenses.

Who is Suitable Candidate for Aspheric Contact Lenses?

Being thin and soft makes aspheric contact lenses highly suitable for each person's eye. They provide better eye movements comparing to regular contact lenses. These contact lenses are most appropriate for patients suffering from astigmatism and they can be also prescribed to people suffering from presbyopia. And finally, patients who are engaged in computer related jobs may benefit from this type of contact lenses.

How to Choose Aspheric Contact Lenses?

Today there is a variety of aspheric contact lenses available. They can be made of both, hard and soft materials. Furthermore, a person may choose among contact lenses that are worn during day, those for extended wear and disposable contact lenses. They are also available in different colors which may be appealing for many patients.

Still, the person who is supposed to choose proper contact lenses is an eye care professional. This doctor is due to ask certain questions and according to the diagnosis and several more factors he/ she finally chooses the most suitable contact lenses. The patients are taught how to maintain the proper hygiene of prescribed contact lenses and how to use them. And finally, any kind of discomfort or any other problem must be reported.

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