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This text will focus on the color contacts associated with the astigmatism. First we will see what astigmatism is and then we will see how it can be treated. This problem is associated with the cornea function and shape. The cornea becomes shaped as a football and this is due to the fact that there are two locations on the cornea on which the light falls on, which will lead to the blurred vision. This problem can also be experienced after an injury or a trauma, which can also lead to the blurred vision. This is a problem that can target children and adults, and it can be diagnosed with the help of several tests. They are visual activity test, astigmatism dial, and few medical instruments can be used as well, such as keratoscope and keratometer. After the problem has been found and diagnosed, a patient can be treated with contact lenses or vision correction glasses. Contacts for this kind of problem cannot be soft and we will see which the best contact lenses for the astigmatism are.

Best Contact Lenses

Special lenses must be used for treating this problem and they are called toric contact lenses. The only difference between the regular ones and these is in design and shape. Their effectiveness is very good, but there are two types of these lenses, and they differ in angle used for their production. These lenses can be used for myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. There are several different features of these contact lenses, such as disposable, bifocal, multi-focal and colored lenses. Also, when you are buying contact lenses for astigmatism, never buy Plano contact lenses, since they will be ineffective for treating astigmatism.

Next we will see which tint kinds are available. The first we will cover is enhancement tint, which is translucent and solid simultaneously. They leave the eye color unchanged and have darker shade. People who like intense looking eye and those with light eyes should use them. As for the visibility tint, it comes with few eye color shades, of which light green and light blue are the most popular ones. These contacts are much easier for insertion and removal. Also, never buy lenses without a prescription and seek the color that will go with your color of the skin. Contact lenses with warm toned color are advised for people with undertone of red-bluish in color, while contacts with bright color should be used by those with darker skin tone. Blue, violet and green contacts are advised for those with natural brown eyes.

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