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There are a large number of people around the world whosuffer from astigmatism. Most of them are pretty much bored with the fact theyneed to wear glasses for the rest of their lives. Fortunately enough, there isanother option for all those people who suffer from astigmatism. Toric contactlenses are a certain type of lenses which are custom made to fit precisely theeyes of the patient and they are very efficient in reducing the blurred vision.They are much more efficient than the ordinary contact lenses. Nowadays, thereare more and more options, so it is possible to even change the color of theeyes by using colored toric lenses. Colored toric lenses are made from theexact same material as any other normal lenses and the patient may chooseeither the rigid gas permeable type of the soft type of colored toric lenses.The available color range includes all the shades and colors between blue andviolet, and a person may find virtually any color. These lenses can also beused for various cosmetic purposes as well. The designers even went so far tooffer colored toric lenses which look like cat’s eyes and there are alsonumerous other types of designs available as well.

The Different Types Of Lenses

There are two basic types of colored toric lenses. The firsttype of lenses need to be removed and cleaned each night before going to sleep.These lenses usually last for a year, if a person maintains a steady cleaningregime. The other type of lenses can be worn for an entire week without beingremoved from the eyes. After a week, a person just needs to toss these lensesout and replace them with a new, clear pair. If a person still has the patienceto clean them every day on a regular basis, their life span can be stretched toeven two weeks in some cases. Modern colored toric lenses can be purchased in awide variety of different colors and shades, so even the fussiest people canfind the lenses which satisfy their needs and preferences. Colored toric lensescan even be custom made, but the person should expect a little higher pricetag. Ordinary colored toric lenses are priced somewhere around $120. One shouldalways consult the doctor before using colored toric lenses. All differenttypes of lenses can sometimes be associated with eye infections.

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