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Obtaining Contact Lenses, What, Why,How?

Contact lenses are an excellent choicefor all those who have problems with their eyesight. First, these arepractically invisible, provide excellent improvement and are easy tobe used. Also, when compared to spectacles, these are much harder toget damaged, since you wear them close to your eyes and do not exposethem to outer contact. For all these reasons, and many others, manypeople choose to use contact lenses. However, it is not just aboutchoosing. Namely, before you are able to purchase these lenses, youneed to have a prescription for them, meaning that you need to beexamined beforehand. There is no other possible way of obtainingcontact lenses, at least not in the US. There are reasons behind thisstate of affairs. If you want to find out which are these reasons,read on.

Such Is the Law

Before the year of 2004, people wereable to buy contact lenses directly from their doctors or eye carepractitioners. However, in order to give future contact lens users ability of choice, they were allowed to compare prices and buy thelenses that suit them most, wherever they want. However, this is onlypossible with a prescription, regardless if these are colored lensesor any other type. The seller is forbidden to sell you the lenseswithout receiving the prescription. Moreover, he or she is instructed tocontact the practitioner and confirm that he or she issued theprescription in the first place. Only after all these steps have beencovered, can a person get contact lenses.

Why Is This So?

Each pair of contact lenses is uniqueand made specification for the person wearing them. Therefore, thematerials from which the lenses are made have to be adequate. Thesame goes for the shape, and all other qualities which make onecontact lens different from the others. So, in order to avoid havingyour eyes hurt or permanently damaged due to their exposure tocontact lenses which are not made for you, you are unable to buy justany pair. Rather, you need to buy those which were made for you andyour purposes. It is as simple as that. Contact lenses are medicalitems, and as such, they are sold only with a prescription.

Finally, if you do have a prescription,it is best to buy your contact lenses before the papers expire. Ifyour prescription is out of date, and they often have a maximum ofone year before expiry, you will have to undergo the eye exam onceagain and get another prescription issued.

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