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The body has a level of nitrogen present and this level can be checked with the help of the blood urea nitrogen test. The nitrogen we are talking about is located in the urea and the test can show us if the level is normal or not. The test we have mentioned will be the focus of this text and we will also see what can cause low level of BUN, or blood urea nitrogen, problems this may cause, and the cause of high BUN level as well. There are several names for this test and some of them are serum urea nitrogen, urea nitrogen and mentioned blood urea nitrogen test. This test will have to be performed in the same time as the creatine test and this will check if the functioning of the kidneys is proper or not. This may find some kidney disease as well, something of which patient had no idea. Also, dehydration can be detected with the help of these two tests, but the most important for us is the level of BUN, which can be low, high or normal, and this level can be detected by doing these tests. If you are having kidney problems, or if a doctor suspects of an impaired BUN level, this test will be performed. High blood pressure, swelling located around the eyes and fatigue are the signs of kidney malnutrition, so if you are having these symptoms, you will probably have to undergo BUN test.


This is a very simple procedure and a patient only has to restrain from eating high protein foods, since the result may be compromised due to their effect and increase the BUN level. Then alcohol is rubbed on the skin, the elastic band is wrapped around the arm, and then the needle will be inserted. The needle will take blood out and the cotton ball will be placed on the needle's point of entry. Creatine ratio among patients older than 12 months should be from 10:1 to 20:1, while those younger than 12 months should have BUN level of 30:1. During pregnancy, BUN level should be from 5 to 12mg/dl, from 8 to 23mg/dl among adults, and children should have a level between 5 and 15mg/dl.

Causes of Low and High BUN Level

The low level of BUN can be caused by excessive consumption of liquids, insufficient high protein food intake, liver damage, rhabdomyolysis, which is muscle injury, excessive use of medications, lung disease, cancer or cirrhosis. Men have higher BUN level then women. Causes of high BUN level may be excessive intake of protein rich foods, gastrointestinal tract bleeding, heart failure, heart attack, insufficient supply of kidneys with blood, some medication, mental trauma, mental shock, excessive stress, and Addison’s disease. This problem may be caused by urinary tract obstruction, acute tubular necrosis, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis or some other disease.

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