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BUN creatinine ratio

Many health conditions can be diagnosed by the means of various blood tests. Many blood tests are very useful since they can accurately show which disease one suffers from. BUN creatinine ratio test is a type of blood tests that can show whether there are renal disorders in the human body. When the kidneys do not function properly, a BUN creatinine ratio test can show that.

BUN, which is the abbreviation for blood urea nitrogen, and creatinine, can be found in blood. Their amounts in blood are regulated by the kidneys. Therefore, when there is a rise or drop in the levels of these two blood compounds, it means that there is certain kidney disorder present. For that reason, BUN creatinine ratio test is reliable to detect the kidney problems.

Blood urea nitrogen and Creatinine

BUN or blood urea nitrogen is the level of urea nitrogen present in the blood. Urea forms when the proteins in our body break down. In this metabolic process, the proteins are transformed into amino acids and the amino acids into ammonia. Therefore, urea is a substance made of several molecules of ammonia. This protein metabolism occurs in the liver. Therefore, the liver is the gland that is responsible for the production of urea. From the liver, it is carried to the kidneys through the bloodstream. Afterwards, it is ejected out of the body in the form of urine.

Creatine and muscle metabolism are responsible for the production of creatinine. Therefore, it is the breakdown product or a chemical waste that is carried to the kidneys through the bloodstream. Then the kidneys filter creatinine and eject the maximum amount of it through the urine. The levels of creatinine may be measured by the means of blood or urine test.

BUN to creatinine ratio

It is considered that the normal BUN to creatinine ration is between 10:1 and 20:1, while in infants younger than twelve months the normal BUN to creatinine ration is even 30:1. There are health conditions that increase only one of these two compounds. For example, a high protein diet may cause only BUN level to increase.

Causes of high and low BUN creatinine ratio

When a BUN creatinine ratio test shows that the ratio of these two blood compounds is high, it may indicate the presence of kidney failure, severe dehydration, blockage in the urinary tract and respiratory tract bleeding. When BUN creatinine ratio is low, it may indicate low protein diet, cirrhosis, pregnancy and muscle injury.

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