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Love bites are actually bruises caused by too much suction and some biting. When they are located on the neck, they might cause the embarrassment and that is why most people need a home remedy in order to get rid of them.

Love bites are causes by a bursting of the capillaries that are closest to the surface of the skin. Blood gets released into the surrounding skin and a love bite gets developed. Unfortunately there are no quick ways to get rid of a love bite. But at least one can speed up the healing process and make it less visible by using certain home remedies.

Applying a cold compress right after the love bite occurred and massaging it lightly or perhaps applying some ice cubes in a towel should help in controlling the swelling and restricting the blood vessels. By doing so, one keeps the blood from spreading. On the other hand, heat can be applied to the love bite on order to dilate and open up the capillaries. The blood clots get removed by the heat and it also improves the blood flow. A cloth dipped in hot water will provide the best way to apply heat to the love bite. Blood clots can also be removed by massaging the love bite. One can use the fingers or a comb, but should be careful not to cause any skin scratches.

One can also cover up the love bite before going to work or someplace else where it may cause embarrassment. Hair, scarves or a kerchief may do just fine for the cover up of the embarrassing love bite. If it doesn’t cause that much embarrassment it should perhaps be left to heal on its own. Any love bite should disappear in just a few days.

One solution maybe tell the loved person to give love bites in more concealable locations in future romantic situations. Some cases report that smearing some toothpaste on the love bite and leaving it there until it dries can bring remarkable results.

Females usually cover up their love bites with makeup. There are green-tinted concealers that are used for pimples but they may work just as fine with love bites because green covers red the best. Green eyeshadow is another option. One can also use a foundation that is lighter than the natural color of the skin. Excedrine can also be helpful in relieving pain and swelling and improving the blood flow.

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