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There is the lots of research being conducted to find out exactly why women that are pregnant feel so good and healthy. In fact most pregnant women state they have never felt this healthy before.When a woman is pregnant her body will automatically decrease the size of the symptoms of certain diseases, this does not last and as soon as the baby is born the symptoms tend to creep right back in.

Your Bodies Benefit From Being Pregnant

Suddenly your dry skin will start to glow and look and feel healthier than ever before, it will look like you’ve been overly moisturizing. Your hair will start to look thicker and thicker because your usual daily hair loss seizes while pregnant, it will have a glossy shine like in the adverts. As mentioned before, pregnancy can alleviate symptoms of diseases, such as crone’s disease and/or ulcerative colitis. If you tend to suffer with asthma, you will find your symptoms declining throughout your pregnancy. Unfortunately this is not the case for all pregnant women, not even half in fact. Approximately a third of pregnant women feel worse in their pregnancy and their symptoms will increase. The other third will not feel any difference, it will be like they’re not even pregnant and the last third of pregnant women will actually get all the benefits mentioned above. Women that are in stressful, long working hour jobs have said that even though they do feel the tiredness of pregnancy they do feel very relaxed and much more calm in their jobs. There are also women who suffer with multiple sclerosis and have stated that the last three months of their pregnancy they felt great, their multiple sclerosis symptoms dissipated, although they did come back with a vengeance in the first three months after their child was born.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis in pregnancy is shrouded in mystery, it is usually rather painful because it causes inflammation and the tissue is under attack. However in pregnant women the disease more often than not goes into remission and completely dilutes itself.

The Arthritis Research Campaign

The Arthritis Research Campaign, also known shortened to ARC, took part in two studies conducted recently. These studies were done to try and understand the immunological and hormonal changes in a pregnant woman’s body. This study effectively could have aided towards the better knowledge and treatment of such diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, infertility, untimely miscarriage, skin diseases and asthma.

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