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Regarding the liver cysts

Cysts are the sac-like formations which tend to be filled with solid, semi-solid, liquid and semi-liquid material. They can be formed on almost every organ in the human body and, while some of them are not dangerous, there are also those cysts that can develop into malignant tumor.

The liver is our major organ which is not spared of the forming of the cysts either. When a cysts forms on the liver, it is a little sac frequently filled with fluid, and in the majority of cases, it a benign growth which does not impair normal functioning of this organ. Moreover, hepatic cyst does not make any discomfort to the affected person. However, from time to time, the formed liver cyst becomes enlarged and infected, which usually leads to the ache in the upper right area of the stomach. It is said that about 5% of the population is affected by hepatic cysts.

Causes of cysts on liver

While there are liver cysts that are congenital, there are also those that are idiopathic. To say it in a simpler manner, some hepatic cysts are present at birth, while some form without an apparent reason. However, there are also those liver cysts that may be caused by several distinct reasons.

Hepatic fibrosis is a condition marked by irregular scar tissues that appear in the liver. This disease is inheritable, which is why it is considered that the congenital liver cysts mainly occur due to hepatic fibrosis. Another congenital disease is polycystic liver disease, where many cysts form on the liver. This disease can be spread to the kidneys and, in severe cases, it can lead to the renal failure. Choledochal cysts are also inborn and they form themselves in the bile ducts. Moreover, Echinococcus granulosus is the bacteria that induce the infectious disease, thus leading to the forming of the hydatid cysts when the larvae of the bacteria enclose themselves in cysts. Liver cysts may be also a result of the condition called cystadenoma, which causes formation of the cysts on practically any organ in the body, including the liver as well. It is mostly found in the middle-aged women. In addition to all these aforementioned causes, there is also a disease that may lead to the development of the hepatic cysts. It is the inheritable condition called Caroli’s disease, which causes the inflammation of the bile, as well as the cystic widening of the bile duct and biliary tree.

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