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Sclerosis of the liver and the reasons why it happens

Liver sclerosis is another name for the liver cirrhosis, the disease that is chronic in nature and that is characterized by the tendency of fibrous scar tissues to replace the healthy liver tissues. Such liver is unable to function properly, and it affects many processes in the body because it cannot produce proteins, fight the infections, filter blood and digest food, and it cannot perform several more functions that it usually does. Since, the liver also has the purpose to replace and regenerate the damaged cells in the body, when it is not healthy this process cannot be performed efficiently. The causes of this disease may be various, and among the most common ones are excessive use of alcohol, obesity, exposure to some toxic chemicals, damage of blockage of the bile ducts, chronic hepatitis B, C or D, or some inherited diseases such as cystic fibrosis, Wilson’s disease, etc.

The symptoms of liver sclerosis

Having in mind that this disease is a result of either some chronic disease or injury that has not been treated for a longer period of time, the symptoms usually occur when liver sclerosis is in an advanced stage. The initial stages usually do not cause any symptoms, which is why the person with this disease does not even have to be aware of having it. However, as it progresses, they symptoms that may appear are pain in the abdomen, or bloating which is a result of accumulated fluid, loss of the appetite or weight, weakness and tiredness, nausea, and vomiting. Some people may notice the blood vessels on their skin in the form resembling spiders, and some may have problems with itching.

However, in order to diagnose liver sclerosis, besides physical examination, certain blood tests are necessary, as well as ultrasound, MRI or CT scan, or even liver biopsy, because that way, current state of this organ can be determined. The treatment of liver sclerosis differs from case to case. It depends on several factors, but most commonly, it consists of well-balanced diet and antibiotics, and in some cases even corticosteroids may be prescribed, as well as some other antiviral medications. If this condition is diagnosed earlier, it is possible that with the help of the professionals and change of the lifestyle and habits, the liver will have all the chances to regenerate on its own.

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