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Liver cirrhosis causes the different symptoms from case to case and this is a problem associated with the abnormal functioning of the liver, which may even lead to further problems such as injury of the liver cells. The blood flow in the liver will also be impaired due to this damage, which leads to the cirrhosis of the liver.


One of the most common causes of the problem is the chronic alcoholism. The period of ten years of heavy drinking is approximately needed in order for the problem of liver cirrhosis to be developed. This problem is created faster among women and it may also be a result of hepatitis virus, such as B, C and D hepatitis viruses. The problem may be a result of lasting exposure to toxins, cystic fibrosis and blocked bile ducts as well. Cooper in excess amounts may also induce liver cirrhosis problem, but this happens very rarely.


There are many symptoms of the liver cirrhosis, so we will divide them according to the stages of the disease. The initial stage involves skin darkening, itchiness, nose bleeding, appetite loss, weakness, weight loss, nausea and fatigue. These are not very serious problems, so detecting the liver cirrhosis in this stage may be difficult. The advanced stage creates more serious symptoms among which are alteration of liver color and shape, gallstones, ascites and jaundice. Some serious complication may arise as well, and some of them are internal bleeding, liver cancer and blood poisoning.


In order for the proper treatment to take place and be successful, the exact cause of the problem must be identified. There are some tests that help with diagnosing the problem and those are X-rays and several laboratory tests. The change of the liver is experienced during the advanced stage and diagnosing the problem in this stage is much easier. But, you should know that cure is not available yet and that the problem may only be prevented, but not cured. Still, some scientists have made some progress with the repair of the liver tissue that was damaged.

Remember that alcoholism is the most common cause of the problem. Alcoholism causes liver cirrhosis in 90% of all cases, so think of this the next time you drink alcohol. If the cause of the problem is Wilson’s disease, the body will have to be freed of excess copper. Drugs for hepatitis virus are given if the virus is the cause, and this will also make the immune system stronger. Also, liver transplant is a solution that is usually done in the most serious cases. Know that the problem is hard to be detected in early stage and when it can be detected, it is usually too late and it is untreatable. It can even endanger your life, so try not to exceed with the use of alcohol.

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