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A mental disorder that makes a person pull her or hishair is called trichotillomania. This urge cannot be overcome by person who suffers from this disorder.Eyebrows, eyelashes and scalp are areas from which the hair is mostly pulled, but every area on which there are hairs can be pulled. This problem may lead tosignificant loss of hair.

This is an impulse control disorder, which is a mental illness associated with the inability to resist the urges or impulses that are harmful foryour body. These impulses are too strong and regardless of the fact that the patientsknow how dangerous they are, they cannot help themselves and stop doing it.Both male and female children are affected by this disorder, along withadults, but it seems that women are a bit more affected then males, at least when adultsare concerned.


As we have said, the urge is the crucial symptom that cannot be controlledand in the case of trichotillomania, the person cannot stop pulling its hair. Thereare some other symptoms of this disorder as well and some of them areassociative behaviors (such as eating of hair, hair chewing, putting hair betweenthe teeth, hair twirling examination of root of the hair and so on), bare patcheson the locations from where hair has been pulled off, satisfaction or feelingof peace that comes after the urge is satisfied, and tension felt prior to thepulling of the hair. Also, the patient may try to eliminate the urge and this isone of the symptoms as well. This disorder is usually denied by those whosuffer from it and they usually use false eyebrows or wear scarves and hats to conceal theproblem.


You will have to find a physiologist who will help you and a local doctor might be able to tell you to whom to speak. Psychiatrists cangive you antidepressants, which will help you with this issue, but they can onlybe given by psychiatrist because there are several types of antidepressants. Celexa and Paxil are the two most commonantidepressants used for this purpose. Hypnotherapy is also an option and it is done by a hypnotherapist whowill hypnotize you and try to eliminate your problem in this way. There is noscientific proof that trichotillomania can be treated by hypnotherapy.Biofeedback is a technique that educates you on how to hold the momentum andthus avoid the pulling of the hair. Know that this kind of treatment willdemand time.

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