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Anxiety is a common problem, but the importance of the anxiety disorder symptoms can be understood only when a person accepts the presence of this health problem. This may be a hard thing to do, but it needs to be done because it is a crucial part of the treatment. There are no general symptoms apart from the uncontrollable anxiety that can impair individual's whole life. All people suffer brief anxiety from time to time due to life activities and situations, but this kind of anxiety can be productive. However, prolonged anxiety is the problem that can affect your entire life. These anxieties come in phases and they have to be controlled and dealt with so that you can lead your life normally.

Anxiety Disorder

We will see which the most common anxiety disorder issues are. Odd fixations like cleaning and counting, for example, can be a result of obsessive compulsive disorder. This ritualistic disorder makes people do specific things in a certain manner. The things this disorder makes them do are usually common activities most people do every single day, but people with this disorder will have to do them for few times in a row. If this is not done, the person will experience panic. Children do not hide this disorder, unlike the adults who think that they can control the problem, and they usually detect and report it, so that treatment can be conducted. Periods of anxiety and terror are called panic attacks or panic disorders. They can be triggered for no reason or by something specific.

Physical symptoms can accompany these attacks and the most common are shaking, dizziness and nausea. Problems with focusing can also be felt along with the panic attacks, but all symptoms pass once the attack passes. Stress is the most common cause of panic attacks and they can disappear completely if the cause of the stress is discovered. There are many factors that affect these attacks and sometimes several causes may be responsible. Social anxiety disorder makes people afraid of the social life. These people are bad speakers and experience blushing, sweating and shaking when they are in the public.


Some cases can be cured with relaxation techniques and exercises, but some may not be cured at all. Those that cannot be cured can only learn how to control the disorder. Therapy can help with serious cases and with the use of medications, the cause of the problem can be found so that symptoms are eliminated along with the faulty chemistry of the brain. You can prevent this from happening by leading a healthy lifestyle, with proper diet and regular exercising.

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