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It is estimated that the couples have only about 25 to 30% of chances to conceive pregnancy every month. However, if a couple tries to become pregnant for at least a year without using any type of contraceptives during the sexual intercourse, it is considered to be infertile. However, this is not completely true. Let we see. The woman has to discharge the egg from her ovary which travels to the fallopian tube where it waits for the sperm to be fertilized. However, many couples do not know the precise time of ovulation which hampers their chances to conceive pregnancy. Nevertheless, if the timing does not represent the main cause for the inability to get pregnant, the couples should be informed about the possible signs of their infertility so as to seek a professional help.

Signs of infertility in women

Among the early warning signs of infertility is irregular menstrual cycle which is regarded to either last for shorter or longer than it is considered to be the normal one. The women who have their menstruation either on every 21st day or on 35th day belong to the group of women with the irregular menstrual cycle since it is normal to have menstrual period on every 28th day. Moreover, some women do not even get their menstruation for several moths in a row, which is also a sign of infertility and is called amenorrhea. Amenorrhea should be reported to a doctor since it mainly occurs due to polycystic ovarian syndrome, reproductive organs anomaly or failure of the ovaries.Apart from the irregular menstrual cycle, miscarriages are another warning sign of infertility. It is the loss of the fetus before it is 20 weeks old. When a woman experience three or more miscarriages, it is usually taken to be the sure sign of infertility. Excessive and painful menstruation, hormonal imbalance, obesity, aging and painful intercourse are also some of the possible symptoms of infertility in women.

Signs of infertility in men

Low sperm count is considered to be the most common warning sign of infertility in men. Furthermore, the quality and structure of the sperm is also important for the proper conception. Therefore, when the sperms are defected, the pregnancy cannot be conceived since the malformed sperms cannot reach the egg in the fallopian tube. Ejaculation problems and sexual dysfunction in men may also be the early signs of infertility and should not be ignored at all.

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