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Situations whichcall for a laxative

There aresituations in the lives of many of us that call for a laxative which willshow its effects quickly. These situations include instances where we justcouldn’t resist having some more food and it turned out to be a bit too much. Bingeeating is something we just do without thinking much and subsequently have theneed to expel the surplus of food we have ingested. A laxative that acts speedilyis a precious device that relieves us of the unpleasant feeling of being toofull.

Or it mayso happen that a person is planning a trip soon and they do not want to bebothered with finding a restroom somewhere along the road. It is much simplerto do purging of the bowel and then travel in peace. That is why some peopleopt for following a special pre-holiday diet and utilize a laxative prior tothe trip.

Also, somepeople will have to take a laxative because their doctor has prescribed it. Itis most typically the case where a medical examination of the colon needs to beperformed, and the doctor prescribes some way of cleansing the bowel that willbe both effective and act quickly. In many cases, the method for cleansing thebowel is getting an enema.

The enema

This procedureis very common nowadays, and also a useful one. It is done very quickly, plusit is something that you can buy without the prescription of the doctor. Enemascan be purchased in pharmacy shops and even in supermarkets. It is true thatsome people claim that getting an enema is unpleasant and uncomfortable tothem, and it is totally understandable, but since it brings so many benefits –it is worth the bother.

The dangerof becoming dependent on laxatives

Becoming dependenton a laxative to provide us with a regular bowel emptying is something that caneasily happen. Since so many of us live a hectic way of life nowadays anddisregard the principles of healthy lifestyle, we suffer from constipation. It isimportant to remember that the usage of a laxative is something that needs tobe regarded only as a quick fix when we need to speed up our bowel a bit, andit is by no means a substitute for healthy habits in life. Try to eat healthyand exercise, or at least walk regularly, and most likely you won’tneed to reach out for a laxative.

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