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Drug allergy

People need to know that every drug can cause some side effects and that it is in most cases not an allergic reaction. According to the experts, only 10% of all drug reactions are allergic. This is why allergic reactions to drugs are not that common but they are still troublesome and unwanted. There are several different types of these allergic reactions that may occur. The severity of these reactions ranges from mild to severe. A person may experience a simple rash while another person may experience a life threatening condition. In most cases of allergic reactions the skin is involved and rash and itch are among the most commonly seen reactions. People should learn as much as they can about the symptoms due to the fact that the reaction can be a life-threatening. It is not common for a person to experience a reaction upon taking the medication for the first time and they usually occur the next time.

Drug allergy causes

Not a lot of people know that allergic reactions occur because of the immune system’s overreaction to the drug. The immune system produces antibodies to fight the drug and that is when an allergic reaction may occur. When antibodies travel to the cells they release chemicals and these chemicals are the cause of an allergic reaction.

Experts agree that there are some common triggers of allergic reactions like painkillers, antibiotics and anti-seizure medications, among others. People should also be aware of certain risk factors like frequent exposure to the drug, large doses of the drug, family tendency to develop allergies and various food allergies to eggs or shellfish, among many others.

Self-care at home

Even though it is best that a person goes to the physician when he or she experiences an allergic reaction to the medication, there are some things that can be done at home.

In case of hives or some other localized reaction, a person should take cool showers or apply cold compresses, make sure not to irritate the skin by wearing heavy clothes and keep the activities to the minimum.Since hives are considered to be a minor reaction, it is ok for a person to treat it at home and on its own. However, in case of more severe reactions people need to go to the hospital. Before the ambulance arrives, people should try to remain calm, try to prevent further exposure if the cause has been discovered, lie down if they feel light-headed and inject themselves with an anepinephrine kit, if they have been given the kit.

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