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There are many woman suffering from the disease of endometriosis, but might not even know it. For women entering into the hospital to undergo endometriosis laparoscopy, it can be an emotional and nervous time. The woman may be worried as much about the diagnosis as about having the procedure itself. If a woman is well prepared and knows what to expect from a laparoscopic procedure, it can make it less traumatic. It is very important that a woman obtains important information and talks about reservations with her medical professional in order to allay any hesitations.

For some women writing down questions and making a list will help provide a sense of preparedness which will reduce anxiety and stress about having laparoscopy for endometriosis. A woman suffering from endometriosis will want to know about the surgical options used to treat endometriosis, which is only natural. There are small things which a woman can do prior to undergoing laparoscopic surgery which can make recovery much easier. The focus is about making things easy and relaxing when back at home after the procedure has been done.

A woman can do the following to make things much better:

Prepare meals in advance and freeze Clean home a few days prior to surgery Change bed linens Make sure to have sanitary napkins, pain killers, hot water bottle, heating pad and some magazines or books or movies to alleviate boredom Have 3-4 loose fitting outfits which will not restrict the abdomen Prearrange care if you have small children or pets

A woman should be just as prepared mentally as well as physically for undergoing endometriosis laparoscopy. The day before a woman should eat lightly and drink plenty of fluids, and be sure not to eat anything midnight. Pack a bag containing warm, loose fitting clothing, personal toiletries, phone contacts, and anything else needed to ensure personal comfort is also recommended. Endometriosis is a crippling disease, if a physician recommends a laparoscopic procedure for a woman; it can alleviate or relieve the condition. While recovery from laparoscopy can be uncomfortable, the average length of time to feel returned to normal is approximately 3-5 days, at which time a woman should feel much better and be able to return to normal activities.

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