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Every expecting mother experiences many discomforts that pregnancy brings along and they are of different intensity and frequency in each pregnant woman. However, while there are many symptoms that are quite normal and common for this state, when a pregnant woman experiences pain in the lower abdomen or at one or both sides of the abdomen, it is not normal and it usually indicates either the kidney infection or, on the other side, the urinary tract infection. It is very important to identify and recognize the warning signs of either of these two conditions in order to treat it as soon as possible and avoid serious complications for the mother, but also for the unborn baby.

Causes of kidney pain during pregnancy

The urinary tract infection is one of the two main culprits for the incidence of right kidney pain in women who are pregnant. This infection is also called bladder infection and it affects the expecting mothers mainly between the 6th and 24th week. During pregnancy, the woman’s body alters and many changes occur in her urinary tract as well. As the pregnancy advances, the uterus is growing, which makes difficulty for the urine to normally pass from the bladder and eventually causes bacterial infections. Excessive and problematic urination, hematuria, painful sexual intercourse and pain in the lower abdomen are the most typical warning signs of the urinary tract infection in the pregnant women. Pyelonephritis is the kidney infection that develops out of the untreated urinary tract infection. The expecting mother with the kidney infection usually experience fever, vomiting and chills, as well as hematuria and excessive and painful urination. The kidney infection induces pain, which the woman feels around the waist, and this pain may be so intense that the woman cannot function normally. Fatigue and exhaustion are also among the symptoms of the kidney infection in the pregnant women.

Treatment for kidney pain during pregnancy

Pregnant women with kidney back pain which is induced due to the urinary tract infection are treated with antibiotics. However, the woman should also practice self-care such as drinking plenty of water, avoiding caffeine and sugary foods, as well as processed foods. Zinc, vitamins B and C should be taken in normal quantities. On the other side, pregnant women with the kidney infection are hospitalized and then proper treatment is employed. In cases of mild kidney infections, women stay in hospital for a day in order to be completely checked up, while in the severe cases, the woman stays in hospital until her conditions is stabilized.

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