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Fungal infections are rather common since fungus can be found virtually anywhere, including the human body. The presence of a small amount of fungus is relatively normal since the immune system keeps it at bay and prevents the fungi from multiplying. However, sometimes certain factors reduce the defense ability of the body and the fungus thrives and overgrows, causing an infection.

How can you get a fungus infection?

The infection can also be contracted through contact with infected persons or objects. Again, the immune system may fight the fungus and destroy it or at least prevent it from multiplying, but that is not always the case.

There are many different forms of fungal infections. Most of them involve the skin. Fungal nail infections, especially toenail fungus, are also very common. Athlete’s foot, jock itch and diaper rash are also caused by fungus.

Fungal infections can be successfully treated with appropriate medications designed to destroy fungus. There are also many home remedies that suppress fungal infections and destroy the fungus.

Prevention of fungus

The bets way to prevent fungus is to make sure it does not get the ideal conditions it needs to live, feed and multiply. Fungus needs wet, humid, warm and dark environments, which is why it so often affects feet and toes, groin area, buttocks and skin folds.

Prevention of fungus therefore consists of keeping those parts of the body as clean, dry and ventilated as possible. For the feet, the socks should be breathable, preferably made of cotton, and they should be changed at least once a day. Shoes should be frequently washed. Feet should be cleaned with soap and warm water once a day, after which it is very important to dry them thoroughly. In addition, it is recommended to avoid going barefoot in public showers, bathrooms and swimming pool areas.

In order to prevent finger or toenail fungus it is important to trim the nails short, to keep them in good shape, to avoid using nail polish too often and to only have manicures and pedicures in trusted salons.

Prevention of fungus in the groin area

Prevention of fungus in the groin area and in skin folds is similar. The skin should be clean and dry at all times. Using talk helps against irritation and it also soaks up the moisture.

Babies are often prone to diaper rash and it is highly recommended to change the diapers and clean the skin as often as possible. Whenever it is possible, the baby should go around bare-bottomed, allowing the skin to breathe.

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