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Before You Start Running

There are millions of people out there in the world, wanting to lose weight desperately. What is more, they are probably contemplating the best ways for achieving this desired life change. There are many ways of losing weight, some healthier than others. Therefore, there are many options to choose from. Still, you need to take it slowly and gradually when starting an exercise program. Thus, it is better to start walking for a while, getting your body prepared for a more intense activity like jogging. You need a workout program which corresponds with the needs and capabilities of your own body. Therefore, there are several things you need to take into consideration before developing an exercise plan which will help you lose weight and maintain your loss, staying healthy and fit in the process.

Things to Bear in Mind while Working Out

You need to develop an exercising tempo which will provide you with adequate fat burning abilities. You will not burn fat if you immediately start sprinting because only your short-time supplies of body fat will be burnt for energy. In order to actually lose weight through exercising, you need to use only 60% of your maximum heart rate. If your heart rate is too fast, you will only increase your endurance, without burning actual fat. Subsequently, you need to measure your heart rate beforehand, using either your fingers and a stopwatch or a mobile heart monitor you can strap on your arm. Once you establish your ideal, fat burning heart rate, you are free to start maintaining it through walking or jogging.

Also, you need to give your body as little fat for burning as possible. This you ensure through your nutrition. You need to eat food which provides your body lean muscle without over-accumulating fat. Thus, you need proteins. You may get protein through consuming low-fat meat like fish or poultry. Also, nuts and grains are rich in this nutrient too. Alternatively, you might opt for protein supplements, which are completely healthy and offer you a greater control over your intake.

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