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Types of treatment

Justas a whole lot of progress has been made in medicine and its subsequentbranches regarding treatment and the new methods discovered, the same can besaid about the ailment and treatment of the illnesses of the mind. There aretwo categories of the treatment that have emerged and established themselves as themost effective, i.e. psycho-therapeutic and Somatic. Asfar as the former is concerned, the treatment options include individualtreatment, group one or family and nuptial psychotherapy (or marital). Belongingto this group also is the treatment by therapy behavioral in nature andhypnotherapy. As for the latter the two most prominent techniques are therapywith medications and electro-convulsive therapy.

Oppositeto the general belief that is mostly influenced by movies, the one and only personthat can successfully cure a condition such as mental illness, is not just apsychiatrist but also clinical psychologists, social workers, as well as nurses. But one thing is true about the necessity ofpsychiatrists though and that is the fact that they are the only people who havethe official authority to prescribe a medication to a person being treated.

Treatmentwith medications

Whenit comes to ameliorating and successful treatment of this condition mostcommonly employed are the medications belonging to the psychoactive group. Forthe sake of better and more rapid treatment the medications in question aredivided in such a way that one type corresponds to a particular disorder. If wetake depression for example the best possible officially accepted means to treatit is by the use of antidepressants.

Also,most widely used medications belonging to other groups are:

Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa, Levophed, Effexor, Cymbalta, Wellbutrin etc.)Anti-psychotic medications (Chlorpromazine, Haloperidol, Haldol, Navane – particularly effective in the treatment of conditions such as schizophrenia; and Risperdal, Zyprexa, Seroquel, Geodon, Abilify especially effective for treatment of those in which the traditional and atypical anti-psychotic drugs provide no help and improvement)


Electro-convulsive technique/method

Thistherapy is based on placing the electrodes on the head of the patient, and whilethey are sedated electro shocks are produced in order to cause a seizure ofshort duration. As far as its effectiveness is concerned this technique is considered to bethe most beneficial for those suffering from more severe types of depression.


It isbased on the belief that the key to curing a person isactually present in the person itself and that the best way to initiate andbring about the “self-healing” is through creating a tight, friendly andtrust-reinforced bond with the psychotherapist in question. The most commonvarieties of this method are:

supportivepsychotherapy,psycho-dynamicpsychotherapy,cognitiveand behavior therapies,psychotherapyandinterpersonaltherapy

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