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Bronchiectasis is localized irreversible dilatation of one or more airways. This condition includes collections of extra mucus within changed bronchial three and the patients are inclined to infections. The major symptom of the disease is cough rich in sputum. The treatment includes several different modalities but once bronchiectasis is formed it is permanent. The treatment options include the following.


Antibiotics are used as the cornerstone of the treatment. In mild cases patients are occasionally administered antibiotics to eradicate the infection. Simple indicator of infection is green or yellowish sputum. As for those whose illness is more serious infections may be present quite often and they are advised to take antibiotics on regular bases. So called \'pulsed\' antibiotic therapy includes short courses of antibiotics with pauses in between. The worst possibility is regular daily intake of antibiotics. Fortunately antibiotics taken in a form of inhaler have become more accessible. This way the cure gets into the direct contact with the surface of the bronchial tubes hence reduce drug side effects.


Exercise therapy in conducted to ease cough and help patients to get rid of the excessive mucus. This leads to reduction of possible infections and help patient breath without much strain. The patient strikes a head down pose and does breathing exercise. Sometimes a chest clapping is necessary for the patient to remove the mucus. This is usually done by a nearby person. If feeling able patient should continue with regular daily activities such as fast walking, dancing or running.

Steroid inhalers

Steroid inhalers are given to decrease the level of inflammation. They are mostly used in asthma but different studies have proved their efficacy in case of bronchiectasis as well. They are most efficient in patients suffering from bronchiectasis who have tendency of developing asthma.

Bronchodilatator inhalers

These medications are also used in asthma but they open the airways hence help with the breathing. These drugs are only used in small number of patients suffering from bronciectasis.


A good way of avoiding possible infections against certain microorganisms is immunization. Patients who have bornchiectasis are to be vaccinated against pneumoccocus bacterium and to receive an annual shot for flu.

No smoking

For smokers it is recommendable to quit or to reduce the number of cigarettes a day.

Treatment of underlying conditions

If bronchiectasis is a result of some previous diseases or other conditions these are to be treated properly and the further development of bronchiectasis will be stopped.


Operation of small not so large and located bornchiectasis is possible and may cure the problem. Even if the changes spread and affect bronchial three to certain extend an operation is possible. This way the changed tissue is surgically removed.

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