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COPD or chronicobstructive pulmonary disease, is a very serious lung disease, and there is noknown cure for this condition. However, there are some ways of the treatment andthey can reduce the risk of complications, or restrain symptoms from making a condition worse. Such treatments include a medical attention, and a patientshould not do them on his own.

If you are a smoker sufferingfrom COPD, the only possible solution to prevent COPD from getting worse is toquit cigarettes. In theory, it does sound easy, but such a habit as smoking isnot so easily lost. It is even worse if you have tried to do that before, andfailed. It would be wise that you, after consulting with your doctor, find somekind of a nicotine replacement and make up your mind once and for all.

Doctors prescribe severalmedications that can be used in treating the symptoms and complications ofCOPD. One of them is bronchodilator. He relaxes the muscles that are positionedaround the airways. Bronchodilators can stop your coughing and shortness ofbreath. You can use short-acting and long-acting bronchodilator. It depends onhow difficult your condition is. Other medications include inhaled steroids andantibiotics. Side effects of inhaled steroids, when they are used for a longperiod of time, are high blood pressure, cataracts and diabetes. In the cases ofCOPD, antibiotics may help in a struggle with bacterial infections. They arenot supposed to be used every day.

Doctors introduce other therapies in the treatment of the patients withCOPD. One of them is an oxygen therapy. Oxygen isintroduced in your lungs every day, either when sleeping, or during anactivity. This therapy improves your heart, exercise capacity and improves lifein general. In some cases, this therapy can prolong you life. Another therapyis called pulmonary rehabilitation program. You would need a team of doctors inorder to meet your needs. But, it is proven that it helps. If you are under thetreatment, it is not excluded that your condition may get worse. It canappear due to respiratory infection or air pollution. So, regardless of the causeof acute exacerbation, it is important to seek for medical attention. After youcope with exacerbation, it is important to prevent it from happening again. So,stop smoking, avoid any kind of pollution, and follow the advice of doctorsfor GERD.

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