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Muscle cramps are unwillingly and forcibly contracted muscles which are unable to relax. Most muscle cramps can be impeded by simply stretching the cramped area.

Techniques to relieve muscle cramps

There are a few rather uncomplicated techniques to relieve muscle cramps of moderate intensity. For example easing the strain of muscle cramps in the leg or foot is quite undemanding, as one should just walk around a bit in order to shake it off. As for the muscle cramps in the calf one should lean against the wall while standing on the heels with their back straight. Loosening up the ankle by trying to lean the toes as close to the head as possible while the leg is straightened completely can also be helpful in this situation.

Aside from these techniques for cramps in particular parts of the body there are a few general approaches to muscle cramps which can help relax the muscles. Applying a tender massage or a cloth soaked in warm water could do the trick.

Muscle cramps are not treated with medicine, except when they are a manifestation of an underlying condition and then some of the medicines used to treat the condition are also helpful with these cramps.

What can be done to prevent muscle cramps?

What kind of preventions is required depends on the reason that provoked the muscle cramp in the first place.

As cramps are most usually provoked by sudden movements of insufficiently active body parts, which are most likely to occur during sports activities and exercises, the best way to prevent them would be to make sure to warm up and cool down before and after these physical activities. Also, inserting enough water and other fluids around this time is highly recommended. Finally overworking and exhaustion in high temperature weather is to be avoided.

On the other hand, there are cramps which do not happen due to physical activity, but some individual irregular sudden movements. If one is prone to these cramps, it is advisable to avoid any kind of position or activity which is lacking in support to the wrists or other body parts which are likely to experience a cramp.

Another kind of cramps are the so called rest cramps which most frequently happen during the night. The best way to ensure their absence is to do light stretching exercises before going to bed.

Finally, eating foods enriched with magnesium, calcium and vitamin E also minimizes the potential presence of cramps.

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