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Malaria is an infectious disease which is easily transmitted by a female mosquito bite. Due to the climate which is very agreeable for the mosquitoes, Malaria is typical of the tropical and subtropical regions, such as parts of America, Asia and Africa. In these areas, there are millions of cases of malaria, and at least two thirds of them end up fatally. Even though it affects people of all age and both sexes, unfortunately, this disease has a deathly outcome in the great majority of the cases of young children especially.

When it comes to this disease, prevention plays the most important role. That is why everyone who plans a trip or a visit to some of the risky countries, should make sure to be thoroughly informed about the possible and available ways of protection. Usually such countries require vaccination before entering, and with the vaccination you will be protected for a certain period of time. There are also mosquito repellents which are advised to be used, as well as nets.

However, when it comes to malaria, the reason for so high percentage of the fatal outcomes does not actually lie in the fact that malaria cannot be treated, because, on the contrary, it can be treated. And what is more, it can be treated very successfully. If you get infected with malaria, there is no reason for worry or panic, because with a proper treatment the cure is possible. Active malaria infection requires hospitalization, while some less severe types of infections may be treated on an outpatient basis. For the treatment, particular anti malarial drugs have to be used, as well as the supportive measures.

But, truth to be told, the main reason for so many deaths from malaria lies actually in the lack of money in the countries which are affected by this disease, as well as in the fact that public health systems of these countries usually do not succeed in delivering the medicines effectively. It is important to mention that there are several ongoing projects which are focused on the development of the vaccine which will be protective for a longer period of time. It is strongly believed that it can be the perfect and the ideal solution for defeating this disease, but until then, we have to pay much more attention to prevention and to rely on the solutions that are available for now and that we currently have at disposal.

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