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Malariahas been present for quite some time, and over time, it managed to spread allaround the world, picking up pace in the recent periods. The primary regions ofits residence are tropical and subtropical areas. Even though we’ve beenfighting against it for quite some time, a particular cause of this diseaseis yet to be determined. For the time being, it is certain that it can becaused by parasites of different sort, and depending on these parasites, it canoccur in three different shapes – quartan fever, tertian fever and malignanttertian malaria. One of the most evident symptoms of malaria is extremely highfever, which frequently occurs even during the day, and in frequent intervalsas well. Fever is often followed by symptoms such as chills, trembling,headache, pain primarily in legs and hands.

One ofthe culprits for the spread of malaria are, as most of us already know, mosquitoes,especially those found in the vicinity of stagnant water, or in swampy regions.And the main culprit, the one behind it all, is a tiny parasite – plasmodium.The first stop for the onset of the infection is liver and then it moves on tothe blood stream, infecting red blood cells. Through the bite of an alreadyinfected person a mosquito takes in this minute parasite as well, or at least a small part of it. The mosquito actually serves as a perfect habitat thatplasmodium needs in order to fully develop and reach mosquito’s salivaryglands. Afterwards, this parasite is transferred further, infecting the personin question.

As apart of home treatment, grapefruit is considered to be the best possible remedy.In order to increase its effectiveness, it should be consumed on a daily basis,and especially its pulp. Yet another way of treating this disease is byconsuming fever nut. It has been shown that its seeds are extremely beneficialfor people diagnosed with malaria. The best place to look for them is theherbal store. Third line is the datura plant, which is most effective infighting the type of malaria known as teratian. One of its uses includes theform of a pill, and here the important thing to remember is that the pill is tobe taken before the fever manifests itself.

Butprobably the most beneficial and efficient remedy of malaria is thought to be cinnamon,and even a mixture of only 1 spoon of cinnamon powder dissolved in a cup of hotwater, together with a bit of pepper and honey, allows the effects to beseen immediately. In the case of intermittent malaria, the best solution is one botanical herb, know as Swertia chirata, which is usually mixedin a cup of hot water with cloves or cinnamon, and taken in in quantities notexceeding 15-30 ml. And in the case of quartan malaria, the most efficient andfundamental are lemon and lime.

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