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Receiving a herpes diagnosis is certainly a shocking event and involves many negative emotions. But just like all meaningful events, herpes is also an opportunity to change and make a choice.

People easily become victims of their own inertia. Inertia is a state of not-doing or not-acting, and is ended most often comes by some external force. The diagnosis of a genital herpes can be viewed as such a force and be, in fact, a call for action.

The reactions to this diagnosis ranges from anger to remorse to denial and often shame. Then follow the promises, statements that things will change, even they are not typical for the person in question. There is a desire to go back in time and fix things, make different choices and prevent the course of action that brought the person to this undesired condition. The knowledge that this cannot be done can lead to frustration.

The way the world functions today has lead people to believe that there is a cure for everything, a pill that makes it all go away. The realization that there is no definitive cure for herpes leaves patients struck with disbelief and even anger.

But there is no room for panic, as one should simply take some time to figure out the next steps and try to imagine what life will be like with this condition.

Some adaptations and adjustments have to be made. The first adjustment, and a true one, is understanding the herpes virus, its nature and its behavior, and accepting that, for the time being, it cannot be cured. One of the most important steps is forgiving yourself and the others involved. A fulfilled life with genital herpes is absolutely possible.

If we look at Dr. Harrison Blackwood’s equation, according to which 95 percent of people are inert, three percent are predators, one percent are so-called saints and another one percent are people who do what they set out to do, it is not difficult to determine which category a person currently belong to and to which one he or she wants to belong to.

Realizing goals and the means for attaining them is not difficult at all. Once they are set, the only possible course of action is towards reaching them, going forward, recreating one\'s self and making better decisions.

That being said, the ability to live a full and happy life with herpes lies within each affected person. One should not be alone in this, as there are many support groups like ASHA HELP Groups nationwide, online communities and individuals who care and want to help.

It is not easy to share, but it is certainly easier than living a life of worry and fear, secluded from others and without any support. Life should be lived for all the good things it will certainly bring.

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