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Bronchitis is an ailment which causes inflammation of the bronchi in the lungs. If you have fever, use acetaminophen or Aspirin. If your child has bronchitis do not give your child Aspirin. You need to drink a lot of fluids and you need to rest. You must not smoke. Another helpful remedy for your condition can be steam or humidifier in the bathroom. If none of these things help you then your doctor will prescribe you an inhaler. Inhalers can help open your air passages. Antibiotics will be prescribed if you have secondary bacterial infections.
If you have chronic bronchitis, it is very important to quit smoking.
Also, important things that you can do to treat your bronchitis are:
A person with chronic bronchitis will be commonly prescribed inhalers such as ipratropium and Albuterol. These inhalers are bronchodilators. These drugs will help you to open air passages. Also, they can help to clear mucus. For chronic bronchitis, it is commonly necessary that your doctor prescribe you steroids or theophylline (bronchodilator). If you have a secondary bacterial infection your doctor will prescribe you antibiotics. Antibiotics are needed to prevent or to treat infections. A person with chronic bronchitis can have low levels of oxygen. In this case, home oxygen is needed.
It is important that you get vaccinated for flu every year. Also, you should get the vaccine for pneumonia one time. Pneumonia is inflammation of lungs and it can be very serious ailment. You can consult your doctor about breathing exercises and some physical activity. You can exercise on your own, if your illness is in early stages. But of course ask your doctor if it is safe.
You should avoid your exposure to anything that irritates your lungs or pollutants.
If you have acute bronchitis it is necessary to reduce pain, fever and cough. Antibiotics are not helpful medications in cases of acute bronchitis. For person who already has diseases like asthma, heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease shortly COPD treatment has to be more extensive.
Acute bronchitis is usually treated by home treatment. Most commonly, acute bronchitis affects people for two or three weeks. Good home treatments for acute bronchitis are: to quit smoking or cutting it back if you are smoker, cough suppressants (the ones you do not need a doctor’s prescription) or expectorants to help you to cough up mucus, drinking plenty of fluids, avoiding exposure to lung irritants. You need to rest if you want your body to get energy for fighting against infections. Do not use alcohol and caffeine, medications that do not need a doctor’s prescription such as ibuprofen, Aspirin or acetaminophen, hot shower, breathing moist air from a humidifier. Antibiotics are not much helpful in cases of acute bronchitis.

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