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How long is bronchitis contagious


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease refers to a group of the diseases that affect the respiratory system in the humans. One of these diseases is bronchitis, which is characterized by the inflammation of the bronchi. The bronchi represent the branches of the trachea. When the inflammation of the bronchi occurs, it causes the excessive production of mucous that usually blocks the airways and the breathing is thus made difficult.

When bronchitis is caused by virus or bacteria, the person in question suffers from acute bronchitis. On the other side, there is also chronic bronchitis, which occurs when the inflammation of the bronchi is prolonged. The main causes of the chronic bronchitis are smoking, second hand smoking, cold air and exposure to industrial pollutants. Bronchitis is a respiratory disease with the symptoms that resemble those of the common cold. However, the main difference between these two respiratory disorders is that in bronchitis the person ejects thick and yellowish phlegm while coughing.

Is bronchitis contagious?

When bronchitis is caused by certain pathogens, such as viruses or bacteria, it is contagious. On the other side, when it is caused by smoking, industrial pollutants or cold air, it is not contagious. Therefore, it can be concluded that acute bronchitis is contagious, while the chronic  bronchitis is not.

Acute bronchitis can be easily passed from person to person since it is airborne disease. One can get infected through a contact with the infected person, because when the infected person coughs or breathes, he/she can infect the others. Acute bronchitis is contagious as long as the symptoms last. The doctors usually prescribe antibiotics to treat this condition, but it is still contagious even when the symptoms begin to gradually reduce until they disappear totally.

Treatment and prevention of bronchitis

Apart from taking medicines (such as antibiotics, for example, in cases of bacterial bronchitis), the people who suffer from this condition should rest and drink a lot of fluid. It is also recommended to use home vaporizer since it can help in curing bronchitis as fast as possible.

It is always better to prevent than to cure, which is why everybody should take certain precautions when this respiratory disease is in question. One of the best things to do in order to prevent bronchitis is vaccination. Furthermore, it is important to avoid people while they have bronchitis developed. Avoiding the exposure to industrial pollutants, as well as smoking is also essential in order to prevent the occurrence of this condition.

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