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Irish moss benefits

Irish moss is used in medicine, diets and in few more things because of its benefits. Among other things, Irish moss binds the almond jelly together and provides the thickness of the ice cream. Another name for Irish moss is Chondrus crispus and its native soil is the Atlantic coast of Europe, Ireland, and North America. Irish moss is a species of red algae. Apart from having plenty of iodine and sulfur, this algae possesses 10% protein. The minerals in the first place have made this algae very popular in the cosmetics and medicine world. Skin care and cosmetic use

People who have dry and patchy skin should try using a cream with Irish moss because its effects are refreshing and nourishing. If a person has some sort of an infection, he or she just needs to rub the cream directly on it. Among other things, Irish moss is rich in vitamin K and because of that it lessens the occurrence of wrinkles. Food
Irish moss has a lot of calcium, iodine, magnesium and sodium and is quite popular in the food industry because of that. Mostly it can be found in the forms of milk products, almond jelly and gelatin like products. A huge benefit gained from Irish moss is the emulsifying effect. However, first the carrageenan must be extracted from the algae.


Medicine is another branch where Irish moss benefits are plenty. It lessens the problems caused by many diseases like dysentery and some types of cancer for instance. If a person has a cough caused by some respiratory infection, he or she can use Irish moss to ease the pain. Anti microbial and anti viral are some of the most important features Irish moss has. Iodine which this algae has in abundance betters a person's general health. Apart from this, this algae is an excellent laxative and colon regulator. Irish moss is used with patients who suffer form various stomach diseases like ulcers. The intake of Irish moss will result in stronger teeth and bones.

Weight loss

Beside many of the health benefits this algae possesses, it can be even used for weight loss. Some of the ingredients of Irish moss destroy the fat and help in the prevention of cholesterol build up.

Apart from all these benefits, Irish moss also has some side effects but they are outweighed by the benefits. However, a person should first talk to a doctor before using the algae.

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