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Many couples will face a diagnosis of infertility and the high costs of assisted reproduction procedures that come with the territory. One option which can help a woman conceive a baby is something called intrauterine insemination. An intrauterine insemination is done while threading a thin, flexible tube through the female cervix and injecting washed sperm into the uterus directly. The entire procedure does not take a long time and usually requires inserting a catheter and speculum, lasting for only about a minute or minute and a half to complete from start to finish.

The procedure can be a bit uncomfortable due to difficulty reaching the cervix, but this too is short lived. Sperm from the male is collected through having the man ejaculate into a container or condoms provided. Most clinics will require semen to be delivered as quickly as possible to ensure viability. The amount of time between collecting sperm and actually doing an intrauterine insemination is usually a half hour depending upon clinic scheduling and a few other factors. Reviewing dozens of medical journals and a number of different fertility clinic websites shows that statistical information varies considerably. The odds of success are somewhere in the range of 6%, though that is only when using one follicle and not multiple which means an increase in the chances of conception occurring.

Other factors that increase the chances of success are a high sperm count and quality of the egg; the chances of having multiples from IUI are approximately 23-30%. One thing a person might serious consideration when thinking about the procedure is intrauterine insemination cost. Cost is something to consult with a physician or fertility clinic about as each one has its own prices. There are probably rate sheets and estimates as to how much the procedure would cost which can give a good idea of what to expect financially. On average an IUI procedure and sperm washing runs about $200-300, but this does not include other costs for separate procedures and tests. Intrauterine insemination cost is something most couples will want knowledge about before undergoing the procedure. After a thorough discussion with a fertility specialist a couple can determine if an IUI will be beneficial and help them in the quest to conceiving a baby.

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