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Botulinum toxin, or Botox, is a neurotoxin that takes the blame for botulism,which is developed by consummation of affected food and which causes paralysis ofmuscles. In the past, this was a very serious and deadly condition but today, medicine has advanced and provided us with many methods to fight against thisand many other medical conditions. There are several types of botulism toxinand among them there are those that are useful, but there are also those that are deadly.


We have all heard the name Botox, as well as about its use in the cosmetic surgery forwrinkle removal. This neurotoxin, once injected in a muscle, will causeparalysis that lasts three months, after which the process has to be doneagain. Side effects, if used in safe environment and small dosages, are veryrare. Headaches are maybe the first problem treated by this neurotoxin, but there are headachesthat cannot be treated with the help from Botox - migraines. The reason is related to the fact that they are caused by the blood vessels located in the skull. Butheadache such as stress headache, which comes from the neck and back muscles in cases when they are spastic and tense, can be treated with the help from the Botox.This form of treatment is very successful and has changed treatment ofheadaches in many clinics.

Overactive Bladder

Some people have overactive bladder due to enraged prostate, which causes bladderoutlet blockage, while others have it due to multiple sclerosis, or spinal cord injury. But many people with thisproblem are not aware why they have this condition. Control and treatment ofthis condition is done with the anticholinergic medications, which can causecertain side effects. Bladder has chemical receptors and they can be blocked,which causes the bladder to be "squeezed", due to the use of thesemedications. Salivary glands, colon and other areas of the human body havethese receptors as well. This will lead to many side effects, such as dry mouthand constipation, but there is a solution in the form of a Botox. Incontinencecan be urged and the overactive bladder treated if we use Botox and inject itin the bladder muscle. This can be easily done with telescope or cystoscope viaurethra. Only one bladder muscle will be paralyzed, but the procedure has to be repeated every three months, since the effect lasts this long. But this is a goodthing since it prevents the urinary retention and paralyzedbladder. This is definitely an option that you need to consider andconsult an urologist to see if you are a candidate for such a procedure.

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