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Human Growth Hormone

Human body produces the HGH, or the human growth hormone. Pituitary gland produces this hormone, but this production decreases when we enter a certain age. However, weight can be reduced and kept within a normal range with a combination of HGH and some drugs. Metabolic and growth rate of a human body can be improved if HGH is injected, but this cannot be done at home. Only medical professionals can perform this. When we eat, carbohydrates are transformed into the glucose, and this is done by insulin, which is produces by the pancreas. Glucose is then stored in the fat cells and once we need energy, glucose will be used. But this process is altered when we use HGH injections. This would make the body use glucose and never store it in the fat cells. Energy will be produces by the fat and glucose utilization and all of this will result in weight loss.

You do not have to undergo physical activity because this process is done even when you are sleeping. This method of weight reduction will eliminate the starvation and hunger pangs that people have when undergoing diets. Metabolic and the energy level will be increased with the help from the HGH hormones. Do not be surprised by high energy of children because they have very high HGH levels. The elevated energy level and metabolic rate will make you lose weight and you will not have to perform any exercise at all. Also, new muscle cells will be produced, which is something that does not occur after puberty. The number of muscle cells among adults cannot be increased, but they can increase in size due to weight training. New muscle cells mean that you will be able to increase muscle size with little weight training. There is another benefit from the HGH hormones and that is great shape of the body, because new muscle cells also improve definition of the muscles.

Side Effects

Excess fat will be removed, muscles defined, and muscle mass improved due to the use HGH hormone, with rare chances of any side effect. The results of HGH hormone therapy are very good and many medical professionals use it when patients need to remove excess fat and lose weight. The efficiency in removal of excess weight by HGH hormone therapy has been confirmed by several studies. A problem of abdominal fat located in the deep areas can be eliminated with the HGH hormones. This is a very difficult fat to eliminate and can be very dangerous, causing heart attacks, which can lead to death.

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