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Asthma is usually treated by inhalers of medicines used for prevention and to provide quick relief of symptoms. In the case that these cannot be found or are not at hand, there are other useful ways of relieving immediate symptoms. These have to be discussed with the doctor in advance to exclude any possibilities of harmful effects.

A good alternative for a relief inhaler is Primatene mist, which can be obtained in all pharmacies and it hasn't got any harmful effects. It is a good idea to call the pharmacy in advance and check if they have it on stock, not to make unnecessary trips and waste valuable time during a serious episode. Caffeine can also be used for quick relief and especially because of its availability and presence in many drinks like Coca Cola, Mountain Dew and energy drinks if cups of coffee are not easy to find. If you combine the caffeine with a hot steam shower you can maximize the results, or if you combine energy drinks with coffee, you can decrease the symptoms in up to 20 minutes. Asthmatics should always be close to a stock of these drinks to ensure that you can be in the clear if the symptoms get worse suddenly. If you do not find anything to drink containing caffeine you can always through youself under a hot shower and steam for a while for a relaxing effect.

Taking fast-acting allergy medicines can also be effective and these can be found anywhere: Benadryl, Sudafed and Claritin. These medicines can even help out people whose asthma is caused by allergies but has not been diagnosed correctly. These medicines should be taken before the symptoms get worse, as antihistamines work best in the initial symptoms. If none of these remedies works, you have to have a kind of a safety hot line and know who to call if you need to. It can be either friends or family members, or anyone who can take you to the ER when the attack is bad. Just talking to another person can provide a relaxing effect and reassure you that everything will be alright. As asthma can be fatal if not treated and as the asthmatic person in the time of an attack cannot really judge the situation properly it is vital that there is another clearheaded person present.

Sharing your experiences with other asthmatics is also very helpful in finding good tips for relieving symptoms and having reliable support for your condition. You can even share your medication if there is need and you will always know someone who has the same medication as you.

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