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This text will talk about the ectopic pregnancy and the treatment involving it. There are several complications associated with the ectopic pregnancy so the treatment must be conducted as soon as possible in order to avoid them. One of these complications is rupture leading to severe blood loss. Several factors influence the method of treatment and some of them are overall health condition and stage of the pregnancy. There are two options for treating early ectopic pregnancy without bleeding and they are surgery and the use of medicines.


Surgery is something most people want to avoid due to anesthesia, incision and everything else surgery brings. So the use of medications like methotrexates can help in avoiding all of this. Side effects can be caused by the use of this medicine and also their effectiveness can only be seen by performing blood-level testing for several weeks. The methotrexate can be used is several situations such as when there is no heart activity by the embryo, in the course of the first six weeks during pregnancy and if you have low level of hormones. The level of hormones, or human Chorionic gonadotropin, must be over the 5000 and if it is lower than this, it is considered low.


More severe cases of ectopic surgery involve high human gonadotropin, bleeding and other severe symptoms, and in these cases surgery is the only option available. In such cases, the rupture chances are high and medicines are not effective. There are several surgeries that are done for this problem, but the smallest incisions are made during laparoscopic surgery. Also, know that emergency surgery must be done on ectopic pregnancy with a rupture.

Expectant Management

Natural miscarriage usually occurs in the early stage of the ectopic pregnancy and in such cases, there is no need for treatment. The hormone levels should drop in these situations and doctor will monitor this drop, which is called expectant management.

Medicines vs. Surgery

The ectopic pregnancy is treated mainly with the methotrexate first, but during initial several weeks after the first use of medications, regular blood test are needed. Several tubal ectopic pregnancy surgeries are available and while there are those that remove the part of the tube, the ones that make a slit at the fallopian tube are more commonly used. This more common surgery gives the same results as the medicines. But the fact is that fallopian tube can get damaged during the surgery.

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