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Depending completely or fractional breaking of muscle motion is lessened or enabled, and in both cases causes pain. This disorder is called torn muscle.

The disorder like torn muscle mostly happens to people who practice sports to professionals and amateurs. Torn muscle can happen when there is no or not enough warming up, or when somebody who is not in training do the weightlifting, and by doing such actions, muscle uses more power than it can stand and in that way it breaks.

There are a few levels of torn muscle disorder.

The first level - Pulled muscle, where the movement is painful and the muscle has a small defect.

The second level - Partially torn muscle, where only a part of muscle is broken and makes disengaged pain, contraction of the muscle and powerlessness but it is possible to move.

The third level - Completely torn muscle, where the movement is no longer possible and the muscle is completely broken, detached.

Basic Muscle Anatomy

Each muscle is made from several muscle package which are made of fibers and cells and have contraction or expansion ability. There are groups of muscles which are divided by its function opposing each other , and if there is lack of one group people lose ability of easy movement. Moving of the knee is regulated with quadriceps muscles at the front, and the muscles at the back of the thigh.

If there is an in injury of the muscles of the back, knee and leg will be straight and if we force the knee to twist and let go the knee, it will straight again because there is no force to keep it in that position.

Common positioning of Muscle Tear

The most frequent position for Muscle Tear to appear is: Popeye’s muscle - Torn biceps muscle Mallet finger - Torn finger extensor muscle Torn calf muscle Supraspinatus or infraspinatus muscle tear - Torn shoulder Pulled muscle is easy to cure. Week of resting and mobilization with ice pack would do the job.

Ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging may be needed to diagnose if more extensive treatment is to take place or primary care physician can help with Pulled muscle. A complete muscle tear at all times demands operative management.

And by saying this tissue of the injured muscle are dying and the urgency of operation is very important.

Rehabilitation and Prognosis

A thorn muscle heals very well and if it is cured on time and in proper way injured people can function normally even a week after the treatment or surgery. But carefulness is very important for period of two or three months, to allow muscle tissue to totally cure. Also different types of therapies are necessary so that the recovering is complete. Physiotherapy is also important to avoid reducing and diminishing of the muscle that is treated.

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