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Torn hamstring could be treated with RICE method (Rest, Ice,Compression and Elevation) or repaired in surgery if necessary. If your injurydoesn’t heal completely, the risk of repeated injury is quite high. Take somerest. Doctors sometimes recommend immobilization and a week or more rest, dependingon a seriousness of the injury. Sometimes you should use crutches, becauseleaning on the leg may worsen the injury.

The first priority of the treatment is to control the swellingand distress, and stop the bleeding. That’s when RICE is important.

Ice cubes, or crushed ice in a plastic bag, or even coldsprays or cold gel packs, held on the injured part of the body minimize thepain and swelling. Keep it on the injury for about 30 minutes and repeat it ifyou feel like it, for the next couple of days. Cold can be used every two hoursif it helps.

Elastic wraps around the hamstring could be helpful toreduce the pain from the injury.

Swelling is significantly minimized if your legs are elevated higherthan the height of your heart. It means you should lie down and rest your legson some pillows or a chair.

NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofenare reducing the swelling and easing the pain. Some doctors advise the immediateuse of medications and other recommend waiting for few days until the bodystarts to heal.

Surgical treatment is rarely necessary, except in cases whenhamstring needs to be reattached to the pelvis. Delaying the surgery is notadvisable, for it could complicate the procedure. Surgery is also the option for a completesplit of the hamstring muscle, when torn ends of a muscle are reattached andsewn together. After the surgery it is recommended to take some rest, use thecrutches and start the recovery program with a physical therapist.

Rehabilitation form the torn hamstring may last from 2 weeksto sometimes over 6 months, depending on severity on the injury. Physical therapistusually assists with the rehabilitation therapy. The recovery starts with theRICE method, and after couple of days therapist could recommend roast and iceapplications or ultrasound treatments. Special exercise programs in the pool oron the bike set are used to rebuild your muscles and prevent repeated injury. Nextstep is walking and after that jogging. Stretching is an important part of theprogram, both while you are recovering and after, to keep the flexibility and avoidany future injuries.

Hamstring injuries are reversible and most of the peoplesuffering from it usually continue with the physical activities they enjoyed.

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