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Anxiety can be defined as physiological and psychological state characterized by several components such as behavioral, cognitive, emotional and Somatic component. A combination of the previously mentioned results in unpleasant feeling and unexplained and/or uncontrollable fear. Anxiety is an abnormal body's reaction towards stress. Anxious people sweat a lot, they may tremble, have chest pain and breathing difficulties, headache, gastrointestinal problems etc.

Nervous Stomach Anxiety

Nervous stomach anxiety disorder is a condition that features stomach problems associated with nervousness or anxiety. People suffering from nervous stomach anxiety have several digestive problems such as stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea and indigestion.

Treatment for nervous stomach anxiety includes treatment for the underlying cause, the anxiety. Once anxiety is brought under control stomach issues withdraw as well.

Anxiety leads to many physical reactions and one may report numerous symptoms and problems with many organs and organ systems. These abnormal body's reactions result from excess of stress. In people suffering from nervous stomach anxiety there is an insufficient blood supply to the stomach. This is why the symptoms associated with the stomach develop.

Person suffering from nervous stomach anxiety generally complains about fluttery feeling (as if he/she is having butterflies in the stomach), churning stomach, stomach cramps, nasty taste in the mouth, sickness/nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The person also feels jumpy and scared and his/her heart rate is increased. Nervous stomach anxiety always causes uneasiness in the stomach and such sensation can significantly interfere in everyday activities as well as one's performance.

Treatment for Nervous Stomach Anxiety

Unfortunately, there is no specific cure for nervous stomach anxiety. Since all the symptoms and signs are actually associated with anxiety and high levels of stress the problem can be dealt with only if the stress and anxiety are brought under control.

One must find most suitable way to cope with excess of stress and control anxiety. This can be perfectly achieved with relaxation techniques for anxiety. Furthermore, even though many of us have to deal with a lot of problems on daily bases we must separate important issues from less important problems and not consider each and every difficulty fatal. Spending time with family members and friends as well as practicing certain sports can be a perfect way of getting rid of anxiety.

If none of the mentioned works one may consult a psychologist or other professional who will help the person overcome anxiety and consequently nervous stomach. And finally, in some cases patients may be prescribed certain medications.

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