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What is the avulsion breakage?

The breakage of the bone which is called the avulsion fracture is somewhat more complex kind of the bone injury. It includes the separation of the small part of the bone, so, there are, in fact, at least two breakages of the bone, if we count the broken ends of the bone and the small piece of the bone between them. Anyway, such the injury is likely to happen because pretty forceful movement, when the instant force is used, such as, for example, when throwing something or when jumping. Having that in mind, it can be concluded that this kind of the bone injury is the most common among the sportsmen, who exercise the motions beyond their limits. Also, this kind of fracture is especially frequent among children because their bones are not yet so strong.

In addition, it should be emphasized that avulsion belongs to the group of the injuries which are frequently accompanied with the injury to the nearby tissues, such as the muscular tissue, ligaments and tendons. Of course, the duration of the process of the regeneration depends on the extent to what the damage is present.How to deal with it successfully?

Although after the X-ray examination of the injury, it looks rather terrifying and almost impossible to heal, it is successfully treated. However, in the cases of more severe avulsion, that is, when there is somewhat bigger part of the bone detached, or in the cases of the small children, in order to avoid the future damage of the plate of the bone, one must undergo the surgical intervention. As far as such the intervention is concerned, it is simply based on putting the broken parts into the normal previous position. If there is, additionally, a following damage to the nearby tissues, such as a tendon pull or a tear of the muscular fibers, they should be treated commonly, like in any other case.

Nevertheless, on the other hand, in the cases of the milder type of the breakage, it is treated conventionally, that is, by providing a lot of rest, putting the ice packs over the affected area and keeping the affected part in the elevated position, in order to reduce pain and the swelling. Of course, the basis of the recovery is to immobilize the affected spot and to take the medications that reduce the inflammation. And, the basis of the treatment of this injury in the case of small children is to put the plate of the bone into the right position.

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