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Chemical burns that occur at home are usually a result of someaccident and misuse of products that are intended for nail, skin and hair care.However, they can also happen in plants and businesses in which people workwith chemicals. The only way in which these accidents can be prevented refersto education of people who work with them and providing necessary information regardingthe toxicity and risks associated with a particularly chemical. Even when working with these dangerous chemicals at home, it is necessary to be carefuland to read the labels on the products. Once the accident happens, it isimportant to react timely, because in that way unnecessary damage to the skin canbe prevented.

How to treat chemical burns?

In general, only severe cases of chemical burns require immediatemedical attention and sometimes need to be hospitalized. The majority of accidents causeburns that are less severe in nature, first-degree burns. Still, when such anaccident happens, it is important to make sure that the person is away from thearea of accident and the chemical that caused the burns, and then the chemical shouldbe rinsed off from the skin with cool water. Here it is necessary to make sure thatthe water is not ice cold, and that the burned area is kept under the runningwater for at least 20 minutes. If a person feels more intensive burning a bitlater, it is recommended to wash the area off again. In case the chemicalreached some jewelry or clothing, the same should be removed as soon aspossible. After rinsing, a clean piece of cloth or sterile dressing should bewrapped around the affected area and if necessary, some kind of pain reliever shouldbe taken in order to keep the pain under control.

Cases that require immediate medical help

Second-degree burns that cover more than 3 inches of theskin are definitely an emergency case.When the eye, face, groin, buttocks, hands or feet are thearea that is affected by the chemical burn, medical assistance is alsonecessary.If pain relievers are not helpful enough and the person inquestion cannot deal with the pain due to the chemical burn, the doctor shouldbe visited as soon as possible.If a person experiences fainting, shallow breathing or othersigns of shock, it is necessary to get emergency medical assistance.

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