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Have you heard this? There was a story in the paper: A five years old Bobby’s mother Jenny puts him in too hot water in the bath but thanks to her right sense little Bobby got out on time, suffered hot water burns ONLY on feet, legs and thighs. More then a half of severe burns and scalds occur with children under five. Most of these accidents happen in the kitchen, or running tap water in bathrooms. The scalds from the hot liquids are the most common. Many accidents happen when the child pulls on a mug or cup of hot liquid off the table. Other common causes are falling or climbing into a bath of very hot water, and there are accidents with pans, kettles, coffee-pots, teapots, cookers, irons, fires or heaters.

The most important precautionary for hot water burns are basic steps that mothers can get from paediatricians. Burns make nasty blisters on the skin. While hot water burns are possible with adults as well as it is most discomfort with children as well. Some parents in US do not how to use a temperate regulation of tap water mechanism in their bathrooms and can burn their child with too hot water accidentally. Some parents leave their children alone and children while they play, spill hot water buckets on them. Hot liquid leaves nasty severe blisters and degree burns. According to some records, a hot water incidents with children below 14 years is pretty frequent. Every house should have first aid kit for burns in the house.

Burning with hot water may last a few second and pain is almost unbearable, especially for water. The burn leaves skin that peels off. Cold water is instant help, but pain stays for longer period of time. A first degree burns need a strong painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol. 2nd degree burns when the first two layers of skin are burned, gives redness, swelling and blisters. A medical care is appropriate. A third degree burns causing nerves damages under the skin that goes further to tissue damage.

Mild Burn Treatments

Hot water burn treatment requires cold water for minimum fifteen minutes.Wrap the wound with bleached cotton cloth.Put some aloe vera gel to dry skin.Use ibuprofen and acetaminophen to kill the pain, children can use too.Do not apply any jewellery on the area to speed up a healing process. If there is insecurity of a burn degree going to doctors is appreciative. All mild hot water burns may be treated domestically. But precautions are more important. Children are not allowed in kitchen areas and keeping normal temperature regulation of the bath water is must.

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