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Burns are injuries of the skin, provoked by steam, fire orelectricity, and sometimes some other forms of heat. Since skin is the biggestorgan in the entire human organism, a burn can be very serious condition.

About Burns

According to the medical classification and the severity ofthe problem, there are three degrees of the burns. First degree burns affectonly the top layer of the skin. Sunburns are considered as first degree burns,since they can provoke redness and painful sensations to affected people. Seconddegree burns damage deeper layers of the skin, leading to intensive pain,blisters and redness. Third degree burns are most severe. The patient can’tfeel the pain because of the destroyed nerves in the skin, and beside the skin,these burns may also affect muscles and other deep tissues. Such burns must betreated in the hospital, for otherwise they may easily get infected and provokeeven more serious damage and become a life threat. Extreme cases of burns aretreated by skin grafts.

Never try to cure the severe burn on your own, but look formedical help, in order to avoid any complications that may arise. Mild burnsare those that affect less than 10% of the skin, and these burns can be takencare of at home. To help you estimate the percent of the affected skin, itmight be useful to know that the entire hand takes about 1% of the body skin. Ifsome home remedies don’t seem to help – you should contact your doctor.

Home Help for Minor Burns

Colloidal silver is considered one of the best remedies forpainful skin burns. If you happen to have one at hand, spray the burn with thisremedy and it should ease the pain and disinfect affected skin.

Milk can also help you with minor burns, because of the fatingredients in it. Soak the area of the skin that’s burned in milk for about 15minutes or use a cloth soaked in milk to treat the burned area of the skin. Becauseof the fat, milk can relieve the burns and speed up the healing process.

Cool water (never ice-cold, but cool) is also helpful. Use itto wash the burn and it will stop the spreading of the burn. Additionally, youmight not need any painkiller, for cold water also have the same properties inthis case.

Smashed plantain leaves wrapped around the burned skin and aloevera leaves are beneficial for treating the skin burns. Lavender oil, calendulaand honey can also help you dealing with minor burns.

Vitamin preparations are proven to help people dealing withthe skin burns, especially those with vitamins A, C and E. You can use vitaminlotions, vitamin supplements or simply plenty of fruits and vegetables to helphealing your skin.

Looking on the Internet, but you may also find some additionaladvices that supposedly work, such as potato slices, egg white, mustard and whiteColgate paste.

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