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Meclizine is a drug which is used forhelping people stop vomiting, preventing such occurrences from takingplace in the future as well. However, even though most people usethis medication safely, some people may suffer from certainside-effects after taking it.

Therefore, read through the followinglines carefully and know what to expect from meclizine.

Meclizine Prevents Vomiting

Basically, meclizine is a drug whichbelongs to the category of antihistamines and anticholirnergics,blocking certain chemical messengers in the brain in order to preventvomiting in people. Additionally, this drug also removes and preventsmany other symptoms which are related to vomiting like nausea anddizziness. Therefore, even people who suffer from vertigo, inner earproblems and motion sickness can benefit from meclizine greatly.

Nevertheless, in order to get the mostout of this medication, consider yourself advised to follow all theinstructions issued with meclizine and all the instructions given byyour doctor. Overdose with meclizine can be very dangerous. Thus, youare advised to use it carefully and by following all theinstructions.

Also, if you are allergic to thismedication, you should not take it, so as not to trigger any allergicreactions. In fact, if you are prone to allergies, you are advised toseek medical opinion before taking meclizine.

Some other health problems you shouldinform your doctor about, prior to taking this drug are asthma,breathing disorders, glaucoma, enlarged prostate and urinationproblems, if you suffer from these or have experienced them in thepast.

Meclizine is not to be given tochildren younger than 12 and some of the side-effects of its use mayresult in physical and mental impairments, making it dangerous foryou to drive or operate machinery. Additionally, drinking alcoholwhile on this medication is something you should definitely avoid.

Furthermore, meclizine can reactunexpectedly when taken along with some other medications. So, avoidusing it when you are already on narcotic pain medications, allergymedications, muscle relaxants and medications for seizures,depression and anxiety disorders.

If all these potential problems areruled out, you are advised to bear several other things in mind.First of all, regardless of the fact that meclizine has not beenrelated to any damages to the fetus, inform your doctor if you arepregnant or if you are planning to have a baby soon. Also, it is yetto be found out whether the drug is transferable to the baby throughthe breast milk, so breastfeed your baby only after your doctorapproves of this.

Meclizine is to be taken with a glassfull of water. Nevertheless, you can chew, crush or swallow thetablet whole. If you take meclizine in order to deal with your motionsickness, you can take one tablet on every 24 hours of your trip. Onthe other hand, if the purpose for meclizine in your case ispreventing vertigo, you may be advised to take more than a singletablet a day.

Finally, you should store thismedication properly, following the instructions found on the labels.

Side-Effects of Meclizine

This medication has been related toquite a few side-effects, even though a vast majority of people takeit and suffer from no adverse reactions. Children usually feelexcitability once they take meclizine and drowsiness, dry mouth andtiredness are more commonly seen in adults. Either way, if anyunwanted symptoms appear, you are advised to seek timely medicalopinion.

Some other effects that you shouldcontact your doctor about are vision problems, decreased urination orpain during this process and appearance of seizures.

Most people never suffer from severeside-effects related to this medication. Nevertheless, some lessfortunate individuals reported rashes, itching and swelling in thefacial area, especially the mouth, the throat and the tongue, severedizziness and breathing problems. These symptoms are to be taken veryseriously and medical assistance it to be provided to people whoexperience them as soon as possible.

Finally, taking into consideration thatmost problems related to this drug take place due to overdose, youcan avoid this from happening by following your doctor's prescriptionnotes and avoiding taking more than a single dose at a designatedtime. If you happen to miss a dose, do not compensate for this lossnext time by taking a double dose. Rather, skip the missed one and moveon with the therapy as if nothing has happened. Do not share themedication with anyone else and make sure that you keep it away frompets and children.

All in all, meclizine is a drug whichprevents vomiting due to the effects it triggers in the brainchemicals and the brain per se. Therefore, it is suitable for peoplewho suffer from morning sickness, motion sickness, vertigo and manyother health problems. Yet, this drug can only be effective when usedproperly. Thus, when opting for meclizine, make sure you follow allthe instructions carefully.

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