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The Cure for Social Anxiety

Many of us have problems facing society, groups of unknown people and some other situations where we are to communicate with the unknown individuals around us. This can be frustrating for many people, especially those who suffer from social anxiety disorder.

Nevertheless, there are relaxation techniques for anxiety and they are battling this problem successfully. Moreover, the solution is so simple that many are amazed by the effectiveness of this minimal change.

All you need to do is to learn one of the most basic skills of the human race - breathing. Throughout our life, we pay little attention to our breathing and we usually breathe too little air and do it less than we should. This air deficiency, even though it is not harmful for our health, causes us to feel more nervous and anxious. So, in order to balance our life and cope with multiple stressful situations we face, we must learn how to breathe properly. The remainder of this article will shed some light upon the matter.

Breathing against Social Anxiety

Whenever you are to expose yourself to factors that make you anxious, it is best to practice some deep breathing in order to get your act together. Basically, you need to breathe deeply and slowly, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, calming yourself down and making yourself relax, letting serenity take over your body and mind.

When you start inhaling, make sure you fill your lungs with air, starting from the chest, over the stomach and finalizing with the belly area. Fill your whole lungs with air, your inhalation lasting for about 5 seconds. Upon inhaling completely, make a short pause before exhaling. Then, let the air out in a reversed sequence, starting from the belly, again doing it slowly.

A minute of such breathing can provide you with a significant stress relief. Keep this breathing practice in mind and use it several times throughout the day, especially when you notice you are becoming nervous or frustrated. Moreover, pay attention to your breathing at all times, controlling it and making sure it is balanced, frequent and equal. Remember that breathing is very important and be aware of its impact on your health. Once you learn to control and balance your proper breathing, you will become aware of the positive impact if has on your life, dealing with stress and helping you be more concentrated and relaxed.

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