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Aphthous stomatitis or canker sores are basically ulcers andthe mouth area is where they form the most. They are very painful anddiscomforting and treatment has to be done as fast as possible. Talking andeating may be impaired due to the cancer sores and this will last from two tothree weeks, since this is the time needed for them to disappear on their ownand without any treatment. They are not contagious and cannot be transferred toother people.


Canker sores are developed due to several reasons and we will see which theyare. One of the main reasons for this problem is bacterial infection, but we canadd other culprits such as nutrient deficiency, food allergies and hereditary imbalance.People have higher chances of contracting this problem if they have ulcerativecolitis, HIV/AIDS or Crohn's disease.


We have said that canker sores do not necessarily require the treatment, but it may be conducteddue to the discomfort and pain experienced. There are several medications that can help in these situations and they will reduce the pain as well. Mouthrinse with steroids can also be helpful and the doctor will provide this item, which will reduce the inflammation and the pain. You should increase the intakeof vitamin C and vitamin B complex in your nutrition, along with the zinc. Never use toothpastewith sulfate and be careful when you brush your teeth because you might injury the sores.The area surrounding the canker sores needs to be clean and use lukewarm waterto wash this area on regular basis. This will eliminate bacteria, but you shouldalways clean this area with clean hands. The growth of the canker sores can beimpaired with the ice rubbed on the sore. And there is another remedy that canbe used and that is petroleum jelly, which needs to be applied on the sore.Hot and spicy food cannot be consumed if you have canker sores on the lips.Also, you need to avoid citrus fruits and other acidic food along with thesalt, because the conditions may be made worse if you do not avoid these foods.Water is very important so drink a lot of it, and restrain from talking much andgreat movements of the lips. You can transfer germs from the canker sores if youtouch them, so avoid this because this will aggravate the condition.

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