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Tactics for avoiding overeating
There are different tactics that are recommended by experts on how to avoid eating unhealthy food. The problem is that we all enjoy in foods that contain things that are not good for us. Almost everyone loves chocolates, crisps and similar food, but none of these is healthy. In order to be healthy, we need to take care about what we eat and avoid food like this. Many experts give advice on how to do that in order to maintain our health. The opinions are different and one of them claims that we shouldn't have that kind of food in the house at all, because otherwise, it will tempt us and eventually, we will eat it. On the other hand, other experts say that we should allow ourselves to eat the unhealthy food we love from time to time because that way we will satisfy our needs, while craving for that kind of food will be eliminated, at least for a while.
Different tactics
First tactic is what we call out of sight - out of mind. This actually means that if we don't have our favorite unhealthy food in our fridge or in the house, the chances that we are going to eat that food are smaller. If we are in the mood for chocolate that we don't have at home and if it is rainy outside, it is very possible that we will decide not to go outside and we'll eat something that we already have at home. It is very important to know that the craving for food is associated with our perception, and that means the more food we see in front of us - the more we will eat. This tactic doesn't mean that you mustn't eat food that you enjoy in, but you will have to restrict it by allowing yourself a treat once in a while. You have to decide when you are allowed to eat this kind of food and follow your decision.The second tactic is focused on enhancing our abilities to know when we are full, hungry and know to differentiate the real and mental hunger. Here we are talking about our self-consciousness and our strength to say no to the food we love, which doesn't mean that we forbid ourselves to eat unhealthy foods. Instead, we are aware that particular food is not good for us and we refuse to eat it all the time.The third tactic is called the golden mean and it is based on the principle that nobody is the same and therefore, every person should build their own tactic. Some people find it hard not to eat unhealthy foods that are in their home, so those shouldn't keep this food in the house. Others are able to control themselves and even though they have plenty of harmful foods in front of them, they don't eat it much. That is why you have to build your own way, the one that suits you and follow it.

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