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One of the greatest breakthroughs when it comes to modern skin care is definitely emu oil. Namely, even the Aborigines in Australia have used this oil in order to improve their skin. In fact, the fatty acid makeup of this oil is exactly the same as the one of our own skin. Thus, we can heal and nourish our skin through the topical application of this oil.

Not Every Oil is Good Oil

Before you purchase your own supply of emu oil for cosmetic purposes, you need to bear several things in mind. Firstly, you need to be sure that you are purchasing a 100% pure, refined emu oil. This oil should be produced on farms which are organic. Organic stands for animals raised without antibiotics, hormones or other unnatural additives. Also, pay attention to the product you are buying, especially if you are opting for soaps, shampoos and other products of this type which supposedly are all made of emu oil. Check the ingredient lists and see how much emu oil do you actually have in the product you are buying. Often, the concentration will be lower than expected.

Once You Want Emu Oil...

For the best possible quality, as it was mentioned above, you need 100% pure emu oil. Thus, anything less will not guarantee the desired effect on your skin. Additionally, once you know that the emu oil you are buying is refined, you can rest assured that it is free of toxins and potentially harmful microorganisms.

The American Emu Association certification is something to look for during your purchase, since products with this type of guarantee are bound to be of good quality, not mixed with other oils or substances. As for the ingredient list, make sure that the emu oil is not at the bottom. These lists are usually made hierarchically and this fact would indicate that the concentration of emu oil in the product you are buying is minimal. So, know what you are paying for and settle only for the best emu oil out there.

Finally, there are some additional aspects to keep in mind. You might get confused once you find out that there is yellow emu oil and white one. However, the effect is the same, regardless of the color, which stems from the nutrition of the animal. Also, emu oil is equally good, no matter where the emus are raised.

As for the price, do not settle for anything lower or higher than $5 to $10 per ounce. Usually, you get a discount when you buy in larger quantities. To be sure, you can always look for sellers who give you a chance to return the oil and get your money back if you are not satisfied. Ultimately, you cannot go wrong with the AEA certified emu oils.

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