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How to avoid pregnancy

There are two ways that are highly effective in avoiding pregnancy. These are the practice of abstinence and the usage of contraceptives. Of course, it is essential to know how to properly use contraceptive methods before sexual activities.


First and foremost, practice abstinence because it is the only sure way to prevent pregnancy. Keep in mind that sexual decisions one makes may affect the rest of that person's life. It is always good to make a research as many contraceptive methods as possible. Of course, not even one of contraceptives is 100% safe and there is always a chance of pregnancy, no matter how small that chance is. And while condoms are an excellent protection against sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, for example, is not. Using condoms as often as possible is highly recommended. They can be used for only one intercourse, but some condoms have a barrier called spermicide which kills the sperm, therefore preventing pregnancy. Vasectomy is an option for men. It is a form of sterilization which prevents the sperm to leave the body but allows normal erections and ejaculations. For women, there is an option called diaphragm. It is a small rubber disc which is inserted into the vagina to make a shield against semen. Usage of oral contraceptives prevents ovulation in order to avoid pregnancy. Birth control pill is one such contraceptive and it must be prescribed by a doctor. Also, women can get intrauterine devices implanted by a doctor. They have shown great results at preventing pregnancy and they lasts for 5, even 10 years.

No Sex Full Stop

Lots of young women tend to go for this option. A majority of young population is anxious to explore their sexuality and it is a normal thing, but having no sex at all is the only sure way of not getting pregnant.

No Penetration

There are many ways for sexual partners to please each other without penetration. Oral sex and hand stimulation are some of those. The biggest concern is not to get the sperm anywhere near the vagina.


The most important thing is to use the contraceptives as they should be used. For example, the pill should be consumed every single day. Failing not to take it for just one day, a woman risks her protection for an entire month. Also, the pill should not be taken while on some other medications.

Alcohol and Drugs

The majority of teenagers get pregnant while having unprotected sex under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Both alcohol and drugs can cloud the mind when it needs to make a wise decision.

If One Does Make a Mistake

If the mistake has been made, there is always the so called morning after pill, but it should be taken as soon as possible. First 24 hours are crucial.

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